Bobcat Services 101: Hire a Good Operator (#fail video)

Bobcat company - bobcat fail video image

Bobcat Services 101: Hire a Good Operator (#fail video)

As a regular habit, our team at Atlas Bobcat will share the colourful world of construction and all things Bobcat operating here. For fun we thought we would kick things off with a classic #fail video.

Some things in life just come naturally to people. Michael Jordan, Basketball, Tiger Woods, Golf, Roger Federer, Tennis, AJ Leveille, Bobcat operating. This guy really should take up another line of work. Bobcat operating is just not for him.

The moral of the story is that not all Bobcat Operators are made equal. Being an excellent bobcat operator is an art learned over time Рalways be sure to qualify that your bobcat company has experience doing fundamental and complex task.



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