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Excuse the analogy, but consider your driveway the runway to your home exterior fashion show. It sets the tone for all who arrive and blends into the street to create the curb appeal that home valuations depend so much on. A few weeks back we delivered our tips to maintaining the health of your driveway, but today we pour the top trends in concrete driveways for those of you considering a new approach.

Top 5 Trends in Driveway Construction and Design for 2016 and Beyond

Your fence is one of the most important parts of your home exterior. It helps form the first impression of your home and serves as a guardian to keep all forms of harm at bay. It provides privacy and comfort while exquisitely wrapping the landscape of your front and backyard. Whether you're installing a new fence for the first time or are undertaking an exterior renovation that requires post removal and replacement, you want to perform the task of pounding in your posts with great care. Before marking that first hole for digging we encourage you to read ahead to find out how to get a head start on a successful fence installation.

6 Tips to Pounding in Fence Posts on Your Residential Property

With the summer in full swing many Greater Vancouver property owners are taking advantage of longer and drier days to complete major work in their backyards. Whether you are installing a new deck, walkway, fountain, garden, or swimming pool excavation is likely a part of the task ahead. Excavation, being one of the first steps, is thus among the most important. Before you attempt to tackle the backyard scene with nothing more than a shovel and a whole lot of gumption we suggest you take a look at the following tips.

5 Tips to Successfully Excavating Your Backyard